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26-27 March 2011, Sultan Hotel, Jl. Gatot Subroto Jakarta 10002, Indonesia

Philosophical anthropology is the attempt that seeks to unify the several investigations and explorations of humans in an effort to understand human behavior as both creatures of their environment and creators of their own values. Although the majority of philosophers throughout the history of philosophy can be said to have a distinctive "anthropology’’ that undergirds their thought, philosophical anthropology itself, as a specific discipline in philosophy, arose within the later modern period as an outgrowth from developing methods in philosophy, such as phenomenology and existentialism. The former, which draws its energy from methodical reflection of human experience from the philosopher's own personal experience, naturally aided the emergence of philosophical explorations of human nature and the human condition.

But if philosophy has aspirations to universality, if the aim is “philosophy as an educator of humanity”, it is essential to wonder why so little importance is attached to philosophy in the very basic of world paradigm, citizen’s education or even governance policy making. So it must be able to break down into the level of where it can embarrass all aspects of human life.

1. International seminar will open for public (students, institution, government, NGO)
2. Conference will open for academic experts on the field of philosophy, psychology, anthropology, mysticism, humanity
3. Participant invited from foremost universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand

The Desired Outcome:

1. The common understanding and vision toward the humanity development
2. The outcome of conference will be a main book on philosophy which consists of:

a. The references, meanings, theories and arguments of terminology of the soul/nafs in philosophy, mysticism, eastern, western
b. Technical term of the concept of soul refers to Paul Edward, Britanica, Routledge, Oxford encyclopedia.

Language of the Conference
Persian, Arabic, English, Indonesia

Intends to provide a venue for the theoretical, critical and analytical discourse on the Transcendent philosophy of Mulla Sadra, an outstanding figure, a profound master that almost been a best sources both west and east.

We would like to invite any interested academicians, researchers, scholars to participate the conference.

Paper and presentations are invited on any of the following themes and topics :

1. Anthropology in Transcendent Philosophy
2. Anthropology in comparative philosophy :
   a. Western and Eastern
   b. Continental
   c. Transcendent Philosophy and Mysticism
   d. Qur'an and transcendent philosophy

Suggested Topics :
1. The Nature of Mind
2. Mulla Sadra's Arguments against Tanasukh in the Afterlife of Souls
3. Philosophy of Platonic Spirit according to Mulla Sadra
4. Mulla Sadra' s Idea of Soul-Body Relation and its Consequences in Psychology
5. Mulla Sadra's Theory of the Practical Intellect
6. Human Soul Perfectness and Substantial Motion
7. A mystic view of perfect man on the basis of Mawlawi's anthropology
8. An analysis on human essence from the view point of psychology
9. Qur'anic Interpretation in Transcendent Philosophy
10. Mulla Sadra's philosophical innovations and their impacts on the theory of the microcosm and the macroanthropology
11. Soul-body relation in Mulla Sadra's anthropology
12. The origin of human's nature and aspects in Mathnawi
13. The Anthropology of Sufism

Requirements and Conditions for Submission

300 word abstracts should be submitted to the Organising Chairs; abstracts may be in Word, WordPerfect, or RTF formats, pdf format, following this order:
a) author(s), b) affiliation, c) email address, d) title of abstract, e) body of abstract
E-mails should be entitled : Philosophical Anthropology

Please use plain text (Times Roman 12) and abstain from using any special formatting, characters or emphasis (such as bold, italics or underline). We acknowledge receipt and answer to all paper proposals submitted.
1. Submit full name(s) and academic or professional references (complete curriculum vitae)

2. Every manuscript/article must observe international standard convention, contain a brief abstract (approximately 300 words) in English, and send along with the contact information by 10 December, 2010

3. Referencing system should use footnote style. Bibliography should be at the end of the page which must be entirely arranged in alphabetical order

4.  Notification of accepted abstract will be sent out by last December 2011

Deadline for submission of Article

Full draft paper should be submitted electronically by February 1, 2011  through
email:am_committee@, or

Please do not hesitate to contact the below address, and your contribution will be highly valuable. Thank you.

Confirming Information

The Islamic College : Pejaten Raya Street No.19, South Jakarta 12510
Phone. 021-7651534, Fax. 021-7651601
 e-mail :

Organising Chair,
DR. Syafinuddin Al Mandari, M.Pd


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