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Livedrive Simple, Secure Online Backup

Livedrive automatically backs up your files safely online. It constantly monitors your computer for new files and changes and you can restore files – even deleted files – quickly and easily. It’s totally secure, easy to use and quick to setup. Best of all, you get unlimited online storage space as standard! More info
Sync your files with unlimited online file storage
Sync files between your computers

With Livedrive, you’ll get a new drive on your computer – just like a USB stick. We call it Livedrive Briefcase. Any files you put on your briefcase are automatically synced across all your computers – it works on PC and Mac! More info
Get unlimited storage on your iPad or iPhone
Stream your music & movies to your iPhone or iPad

Livedrive will change the way you use your iPhone & iPad. Install our free app and you can instantly stream all music and video on any of your computers straight to your device from your unlimited online file storage. Access your entire collection wherever you are and never sync with iTunes again! More info
Access your files from anywhere with unlimited online file storage
Access your files from anywhere

Access your files, play music and video, view and edit Office documents & more from our feature packed web portal. Plus share your files with friends or co-workers in seconds, or upload files to your online storage from any web browser! More info

Textbooks - Rent'em or Buy'em

Why choose for Cheap Textbooks?

For years, people have trusted to provide cheap, new and used textbooks, and now with the ability to rent textbooks we can save you even more precious cash. is also a great place to sell textbooks through our textbook buyback program. Get paid with direct deposit, and ship us your books for free. Whether you are looking for new textbooks, used textbooks, eTextbooks, textbook rental, or to sell your textbooks, you are sure to find the alternative that best fits your needs.

Why buy Used Textbooks? is the place to go for used textbooks. Buying used textbooks can save you tons of money, but even though has the largest selection of cheap textbooks, not all students want to buy their textbooks. Our Textbook Rental and Return Program is a cheaper alternative to buying new or used textbooks. You don't own the textbook; you are simply borrowing it from for a low fee and returning it to us with free shipping. If a book is available for textbook rental, the rental option will appear on the right side of the textbook in addition to New, Used Textbooks, Marketplace, and eBooks.

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